31 March 2014

Broken Phone?

So, you guys don't know this, but I recently got a new phone. A smartphone, too! After four years of suffering with my invincible Samsung Intensity, I got a Droid Mini for my birthday. It was going really well for about a month until DUNDUNDUN I got a virus. Well, I don't know for sure if I have virus, but this "virus" told me I had 3. I don't have virus software on my phone yet, so I had to have been the virus telling me. Not long after, the touch screen stopped registering certain things. I asked my dad to try to fix it so he managed to get it into airplane mode which gave him more mobility. He told me I would have to factory reset the phone. So, I get to the reset button from what seems like million and millions of clicks later, but then the phone doesn't allow me to click it.

Maybe I should have stuck with my invincible Intensity...

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