30 November 2013

Video Chatting or Attention Grabbing?

I experience this a lot. Today, I video chatted with my friend Max, and I felt as though it was CHORE have to listen and watch him play SimCity. I don't even know! I mean, I love you, Max, but that was time that I could have spent reading critical essays for my research paper. I mean, I am currently video chatting with him, and he doesn't even know that I am writing a blog post! Max doesn't even know that  have a blog!

Anyway, there are multiple types of programs that one could be video chatting with. My program of choice is Google+, but that is just me. It is easy to use, and my older brother uses it to video chat with us. You see, my older brother is currently in Belize, and we have to video chat him in order to see him! Max prefers Facetime (which I don't even know how to use!). At least Google+ is extremely easy to use, and gives a person at least 5 minutes of easy entertainment with Google Effects! I mean, look at this!

You can also have fun playing the "Catch the Face" game where the person you are video-chatting with tries to screenshot a weird face that you pull when they are not looking! My friend Katie is terrible at this game, but she got me a few times, as shown below!

I believe that video-chatting is to be used for business or family reasons only, because when it is not and you talk with your friends, you soon run out of things to say and it just turns into awkward-ness because neither of your are really paying attention to each other. I feel as though it is used to catch up, and catch up only. When you are going to see someone in 3 days, I do not find it necessary to video-chat them when you can just wait and tell them what you were going to say in person or through text.

Another point is that both people feel way too awkward to quit out of the video chat! It just goes on and on and on! My excuse is to tell them that I need to take a shower (which I usually have to do anyway) and then it kind of forces to them to stop the video-chat. Well, it has been 20 minutes too long in this video chat meaning that I will now tell him I have to go. Now the video chat is over, and no one's feelings are hurt. Well, this is a pointless blog post about video-chats, but I don't care. GOODBYE!

29 November 2013

My Opinions on Zalfie

Hello, beautiful people (or handsome)! Today, I've decided to share my thoughts and opinions on "Zalfie." And that is just what they are. MY opinions and thoughts. Therefore, don't start a fun-dipping fight with me or each other if you decide to contradict my opinions which are totally relevant to me and my beliefs. I respect you and your opinion, but this is just mine!

So now that that is out of the way, I thought I should explain a little! "Zalfie" is the ship name (and if you don't know what a "ship" is by now, I am leaving you to fend for yourself!) for two YouTubers that go by the names Alfie Days (or PointlessBlogTV) and Zoe Snugg (or Zoella). 

As you could probably guess, this is Alfie!
ANNND this is Zoe!

 They are both British YouTubers and have been shipped together for so long it is hard to keep track!It started to become noticeable for ME, at least, a few months back when my brain decided that they are just ADORABLE together! I mean, just look at 'em!

People would comment on every single video they did together, "ZALFIE!" or "I ship it!" Therefore, I learned what I should be looking up all over the internet and Tumblr! They were so cute and comfortable with each other, UNTIL they became uncomfortable filming together. As mentioned in Zoe's blog post about Alfie and her being in a relationship (shushing all rumours and confirming their crushes on each other! That blog post can be found here!), she wrote, 

"Myself and Alfie have been friends for a long time, we were "shipped" (when someone wants you to be in a relationSHIP or a friendSHIP of sorts - something I was never aware of previously)  non-stop from the beginning and every little movement or word spoken or photo taken was over analysed beyond anything we could have ever expected which, once we actually started liking each other, became very overwhelming. Going through the stages of an early relationship is actually very daunting for me, now imagine if I was doing that in front of hundreds and thousands, if not millions of people. Even typing that makes me anxious! haha."

Not even an exclamation point after the "haha" she ever so enthusiastically typed! Now, if I remember correctly, once or twice I commented "ZALFIE!" because they were just so cute I couldn't hold it in! After reading that Zoe and Alfie were, indeed, in a romantic relationship, I freaked the fun-dip out! I was so fangirl-y and happy because I thought they could FINALLY see how cute and perfect they were/are for each other! Then, I realized that I had been "brainwashed' by the "over-analyzed" photos and videos.

I still ship them and love them, but instead of prying into every single detail and over-analyzed photo, I admire them from afar because together they told ALL the Zalfie shippers that they are no talking about their love life any father than the end of that blog post. Every once and a while I will go back to the videos they did pre-relationship and fangirl over their process of "falling-in-like," but beyond that, I want to stay in the dark for them. 

Hopefully, I have enlightened a few, and confused less than predicted! If you guys wanna check out some of their videos, I will link some below!

Zoe and Alfie play Sims 3 on alfiegames!
They did a few Valentine's Day videos together (pre-relationship, as far as I know!)
They did a few makeup videos!
And they frequently uploads vlogs with each other (an other British Youtubers!)

Alfie's main channel is PointlessBlogTV (linked above)
Zoe's main channel is Zoella280390 (linked above)
Zoe' second channel/vloggin chnnel is More Zoella ( https://www.youtube.com/user/MoreZoella?feature=watch )

Now, I leave you with a darling photo of them together!
Goodbye and goodnight!

28 November 2013


I KNOW, I KNOW! I haven't posted in, like forever, BUT, better late than never, right? Today is Thanksgiving; a day of joy, celebration, food, and giving thanks! But it is not only a day for all that. It is a day of memories.

As most of you probably don't know, close to one year ago, my grandmother passed away. My grandmother and I were EXTREMELY close and we saw each other at least twice a week when she was in town. Anyway, today, I think about her and all our time spent together because my whole family used to go over to her house for Thanksgiving dinner (which was always delicious, by the way!). And by my whole family, I mean (usually) all 24 cousins, aunts uncles, and my family on my father's side would gather over at her house and we would just have SUCH a nice time. Anyway, That is something I remember today; my grandmother. I am thankful for her, for she changed more than I thought she had.

Secondly, I remember my childhood. Yesterday, when my brother's girlfriend was over for dinner, the family just started telling the funniest stories from my brother's, my sister's, and my childhood. We would've told stories of my older brother's childhood, but he wasn't there! I would recall how memorable and easy our childhoods were and immediately had gratitude. I am thankful for my childhood and my mistakes made in childhood.

Lastly, I think of my friends back home. I moved this past summer, and I miss all my friends dearly. They all had a specific role in my day to day life, and I remember that. Whether it was Bochocho raving about 80's movies or Julz giving me daily guilt because she always forgot her lunch, they all had a role. Recently I went back home, just for a visit, the first time since I moved in July. I realized that if I were to move back, right NOW, I wouldn't fit anymore. They've changed. Heck, I've changed! I have been away 5 months too long to be able to go back without a stitch. I mean, I have loving friends here, but I am still not as close with them as I was with my friends back home, and I worry that I will never be comfortable with the class in which I will be graduating with. I am thankful for my time spent with those girls.

I remember more than I know, and the weirdest memories arise at the weirdest moments. I brought it up with my Geometry teacher. I asked him if he ever just thought of the funniest things at the most random moments and start laughing to yourself, and after awhile you start to laugh AT yourself because you feel ridiculous. Well, he wasn't in the greatest mood and said, stone faced, "No." i shut up after that because he isn't the nicest person when he is mad. Very few people are...

Therefore, I am thankful for these happy and sad times. I am thankful for the opportunity to REMEMBER these happy and sad times, and mostly, I am thankful for the experiences that I have to go through so that later in life, I will have a memories that fit the current situation like a puzzle piece, and I will be thankful again and again and again.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

03 May 2013

09 April 2013


Showers are probably the worst thing in all of history. Although some insane people (my dad) love and take pleasure in showers, I think they are a big waste of time. It takes at least 30 minutes out of your day, and depending on who you are, you have to take a shower every other day. EVERY OTHER DAY. Thankfully, I go to a school where is it somewhat socially acceptable to not shower for a week at a time. My school (an all-girls Catholic one at that) also participates in No Shave November. That is for the people who need a reason to not shave for a month. You would be surprised about how many people participate. I am not one of them.
The whole process of showering is just exhausting! You have to get in the shower after you get the shower to the PERFECT temperature or else you will freeze or burn! That is laborious alone, but then you have to add the washing of the hair, conditioning of the hair, the shaving, the cleansing, the washing of the face, etc. I is tiring, and to put it blatantly, pathetic! I don't know how my dad does it, but he makes time in his schedule every single day to take a shower.
I don't know how you do it, Dad, but I admire your consistency. I could never do that, nor would I want to.

08 April 2013

Screenplay or TV Show

I think I want to write a movie or a show. Not a play though... just a movie or a show. I guess I was bumped into this mood when I was figuring out my cast list for The Goddess Test in one of my previous posts. I really want it to be fantasy, like, witches. Not wizards with magic wands, but witches that can do magic in their head will spells and chants. It is to be inspired by The Secret Circle (which I loved, and still do love! I wish it wasn't cancelled!), but with different characters and it starts with one person that knows he/she is a witch, preferably a girl, and she has to convince the other 4 witches that they are witches too. She/he has to do this without revealing herself to anyone other than those other 4. She found out about her powers with a family book that all witch families have, and so on and so forth. Eventually, relationships and friendships form. I am leaning towards a TV show, though. I am excited!

06 April 2013

What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Nail Biting

I watched this movie last night. I was left with confusing thoughts, but one thing was for sure. Leonardo DiCaprio is phenomenal. It is impeccable how he can just transform into these characters with the blink of an eye. Especially the fact that he also perfected the hand gestures of mentally-ill people. I know this because my neighbor is mentally-ill and sometimes over the summer is go over there and play with him and his younger brother. His name is Connor and he is truly the sweetest little boy you could ever meet! The other main actor who played Gilbert Grape was Johnny Depp. He was a little confusing, and although I love his acting, I don't think this role was for him.

On a different note, my nail biting is becoming a serious problem. I really want to grow long nails, but it is just so hard to stop a habit, especially a habit such as this. My nail are horrendously short! I really need to find a way to stop it because it is probably becoming unhealthy. I pretty much have, like, no nails. This needs to stop!

05 April 2013

Books and Movies

Do you ever read a book and think, "This would be SUCH a good movie!" Well, I get that ALL the time. I legitimately have about 40 different movie ideas that just comes from books. Sometimes, I even plan out the actors that would play the characters. I mean, some books are just perfect! Of course, most of them are romance books because that is my favorite genre to read. But there is a certain series that involves Gods and Goddesses (and no, not the Lightning Thief) that I think would just be really cool to film. The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter begins the Goddess Test trilogy. It is about a girl who moves to a new town that her mother grew up in because she wants to die in the place she was raised. This girl's name is Kate and she starts to go to school. There is a mean girl named Ava there that tricks her into going to a "bonfire" when Ava trips and falls into a river and drowns. A man comes up to Kate near the river and asks her what she would do to save Ava. Kate says, "Anything." Then the man tells her to read the tale of Persephone, Hades' wife from a Greek myth, and decide after that. Of course, she says yes, but does decide. Therefore, Ava dies. Then Kate freaks out and says okay, but it is too late. The man promises that he can help Kate's mother live longer. Kate says yes and she is off to a mansion. There, her new life begins.

Just saying, I read this about a year ago, and I wrote this from memory so it may not be correct.

For actresses in this one, I was thinking:
Ava/Aphrodite: Ashley Olsen
Walter/Zeus: Johnny Depp
Calliope/Hera: Lana Parilla
Diana/Demeter: Julie Andrews
Henry/Hades: (not sure, but) Liam Hemsworth. He might be a little too attractive. He would have to be kind, but nervous and compassionate, and I'm not sure he would be good enough.
Sofia/Hestia: Meryl Streep
Dylan/Ares: Zac Efron
Phillip/ Poseidon: Patrick Dempsey
James/Hermes: Logan Lerman
Irene/Athena: Jayma Mays
Theo/Apollo: Chris Hemsworth, or would it be weird to have to siblings in a movie?
Ella/ Artemis: Sarah Hyland
Nicholas/Hephaestus: Darren Criss (come on! I had to!
Xander/Dionysus: Tom Felton

 Kate: Jennifer Lawrence or Jenna Dewan-Tatum!
(I couldn't chose just one!)

I really do enjoy this book, but there is a scene at the end where everyone is in the same scene. I am worried that there would be just TOO MUCH attractiveness in one room. Anyway, see ya!