28 November 2013


I KNOW, I KNOW! I haven't posted in, like forever, BUT, better late than never, right? Today is Thanksgiving; a day of joy, celebration, food, and giving thanks! But it is not only a day for all that. It is a day of memories.

As most of you probably don't know, close to one year ago, my grandmother passed away. My grandmother and I were EXTREMELY close and we saw each other at least twice a week when she was in town. Anyway, today, I think about her and all our time spent together because my whole family used to go over to her house for Thanksgiving dinner (which was always delicious, by the way!). And by my whole family, I mean (usually) all 24 cousins, aunts uncles, and my family on my father's side would gather over at her house and we would just have SUCH a nice time. Anyway, That is something I remember today; my grandmother. I am thankful for her, for she changed more than I thought she had.

Secondly, I remember my childhood. Yesterday, when my brother's girlfriend was over for dinner, the family just started telling the funniest stories from my brother's, my sister's, and my childhood. We would've told stories of my older brother's childhood, but he wasn't there! I would recall how memorable and easy our childhoods were and immediately had gratitude. I am thankful for my childhood and my mistakes made in childhood.

Lastly, I think of my friends back home. I moved this past summer, and I miss all my friends dearly. They all had a specific role in my day to day life, and I remember that. Whether it was Bochocho raving about 80's movies or Julz giving me daily guilt because she always forgot her lunch, they all had a role. Recently I went back home, just for a visit, the first time since I moved in July. I realized that if I were to move back, right NOW, I wouldn't fit anymore. They've changed. Heck, I've changed! I have been away 5 months too long to be able to go back without a stitch. I mean, I have loving friends here, but I am still not as close with them as I was with my friends back home, and I worry that I will never be comfortable with the class in which I will be graduating with. I am thankful for my time spent with those girls.

I remember more than I know, and the weirdest memories arise at the weirdest moments. I brought it up with my Geometry teacher. I asked him if he ever just thought of the funniest things at the most random moments and start laughing to yourself, and after awhile you start to laugh AT yourself because you feel ridiculous. Well, he wasn't in the greatest mood and said, stone faced, "No." i shut up after that because he isn't the nicest person when he is mad. Very few people are...

Therefore, I am thankful for these happy and sad times. I am thankful for the opportunity to REMEMBER these happy and sad times, and mostly, I am thankful for the experiences that I have to go through so that later in life, I will have a memories that fit the current situation like a puzzle piece, and I will be thankful again and again and again.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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