29 November 2013

My Opinions on Zalfie

Hello, beautiful people (or handsome)! Today, I've decided to share my thoughts and opinions on "Zalfie." And that is just what they are. MY opinions and thoughts. Therefore, don't start a fun-dipping fight with me or each other if you decide to contradict my opinions which are totally relevant to me and my beliefs. I respect you and your opinion, but this is just mine!

So now that that is out of the way, I thought I should explain a little! "Zalfie" is the ship name (and if you don't know what a "ship" is by now, I am leaving you to fend for yourself!) for two YouTubers that go by the names Alfie Days (or PointlessBlogTV) and Zoe Snugg (or Zoella). 

As you could probably guess, this is Alfie!
ANNND this is Zoe!

 They are both British YouTubers and have been shipped together for so long it is hard to keep track!It started to become noticeable for ME, at least, a few months back when my brain decided that they are just ADORABLE together! I mean, just look at 'em!

People would comment on every single video they did together, "ZALFIE!" or "I ship it!" Therefore, I learned what I should be looking up all over the internet and Tumblr! They were so cute and comfortable with each other, UNTIL they became uncomfortable filming together. As mentioned in Zoe's blog post about Alfie and her being in a relationship (shushing all rumours and confirming their crushes on each other! That blog post can be found here!), she wrote, 

"Myself and Alfie have been friends for a long time, we were "shipped" (when someone wants you to be in a relationSHIP or a friendSHIP of sorts - something I was never aware of previously)  non-stop from the beginning and every little movement or word spoken or photo taken was over analysed beyond anything we could have ever expected which, once we actually started liking each other, became very overwhelming. Going through the stages of an early relationship is actually very daunting for me, now imagine if I was doing that in front of hundreds and thousands, if not millions of people. Even typing that makes me anxious! haha."

Not even an exclamation point after the "haha" she ever so enthusiastically typed! Now, if I remember correctly, once or twice I commented "ZALFIE!" because they were just so cute I couldn't hold it in! After reading that Zoe and Alfie were, indeed, in a romantic relationship, I freaked the fun-dip out! I was so fangirl-y and happy because I thought they could FINALLY see how cute and perfect they were/are for each other! Then, I realized that I had been "brainwashed' by the "over-analyzed" photos and videos.

I still ship them and love them, but instead of prying into every single detail and over-analyzed photo, I admire them from afar because together they told ALL the Zalfie shippers that they are no talking about their love life any father than the end of that blog post. Every once and a while I will go back to the videos they did pre-relationship and fangirl over their process of "falling-in-like," but beyond that, I want to stay in the dark for them. 

Hopefully, I have enlightened a few, and confused less than predicted! If you guys wanna check out some of their videos, I will link some below!

Zoe and Alfie play Sims 3 on alfiegames!
They did a few Valentine's Day videos together (pre-relationship, as far as I know!)
They did a few makeup videos!
And they frequently uploads vlogs with each other (an other British Youtubers!)

Alfie's main channel is PointlessBlogTV (linked above)
Zoe's main channel is Zoella280390 (linked above)
Zoe' second channel/vloggin chnnel is More Zoella ( https://www.youtube.com/user/MoreZoella?feature=watch )

Now, I leave you with a darling photo of them together!
Goodbye and goodnight!

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