30 November 2013

Video Chatting or Attention Grabbing?

I experience this a lot. Today, I video chatted with my friend Max, and I felt as though it was CHORE have to listen and watch him play SimCity. I don't even know! I mean, I love you, Max, but that was time that I could have spent reading critical essays for my research paper. I mean, I am currently video chatting with him, and he doesn't even know that I am writing a blog post! Max doesn't even know that  have a blog!

Anyway, there are multiple types of programs that one could be video chatting with. My program of choice is Google+, but that is just me. It is easy to use, and my older brother uses it to video chat with us. You see, my older brother is currently in Belize, and we have to video chat him in order to see him! Max prefers Facetime (which I don't even know how to use!). At least Google+ is extremely easy to use, and gives a person at least 5 minutes of easy entertainment with Google Effects! I mean, look at this!

You can also have fun playing the "Catch the Face" game where the person you are video-chatting with tries to screenshot a weird face that you pull when they are not looking! My friend Katie is terrible at this game, but she got me a few times, as shown below!

I believe that video-chatting is to be used for business or family reasons only, because when it is not and you talk with your friends, you soon run out of things to say and it just turns into awkward-ness because neither of your are really paying attention to each other. I feel as though it is used to catch up, and catch up only. When you are going to see someone in 3 days, I do not find it necessary to video-chat them when you can just wait and tell them what you were going to say in person or through text.

Another point is that both people feel way too awkward to quit out of the video chat! It just goes on and on and on! My excuse is to tell them that I need to take a shower (which I usually have to do anyway) and then it kind of forces to them to stop the video-chat. Well, it has been 20 minutes too long in this video chat meaning that I will now tell him I have to go. Now the video chat is over, and no one's feelings are hurt. Well, this is a pointless blog post about video-chats, but I don't care. GOODBYE!

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