08 April 2013

Screenplay or TV Show

I think I want to write a movie or a show. Not a play though... just a movie or a show. I guess I was bumped into this mood when I was figuring out my cast list for The Goddess Test in one of my previous posts. I really want it to be fantasy, like, witches. Not wizards with magic wands, but witches that can do magic in their head will spells and chants. It is to be inspired by The Secret Circle (which I loved, and still do love! I wish it wasn't cancelled!), but with different characters and it starts with one person that knows he/she is a witch, preferably a girl, and she has to convince the other 4 witches that they are witches too. She/he has to do this without revealing herself to anyone other than those other 4. She found out about her powers with a family book that all witch families have, and so on and so forth. Eventually, relationships and friendships form. I am leaning towards a TV show, though. I am excited!

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