05 April 2013

Books and Movies

Do you ever read a book and think, "This would be SUCH a good movie!" Well, I get that ALL the time. I legitimately have about 40 different movie ideas that just comes from books. Sometimes, I even plan out the actors that would play the characters. I mean, some books are just perfect! Of course, most of them are romance books because that is my favorite genre to read. But there is a certain series that involves Gods and Goddesses (and no, not the Lightning Thief) that I think would just be really cool to film. The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter begins the Goddess Test trilogy. It is about a girl who moves to a new town that her mother grew up in because she wants to die in the place she was raised. This girl's name is Kate and she starts to go to school. There is a mean girl named Ava there that tricks her into going to a "bonfire" when Ava trips and falls into a river and drowns. A man comes up to Kate near the river and asks her what she would do to save Ava. Kate says, "Anything." Then the man tells her to read the tale of Persephone, Hades' wife from a Greek myth, and decide after that. Of course, she says yes, but does decide. Therefore, Ava dies. Then Kate freaks out and says okay, but it is too late. The man promises that he can help Kate's mother live longer. Kate says yes and she is off to a mansion. There, her new life begins.

Just saying, I read this about a year ago, and I wrote this from memory so it may not be correct.

For actresses in this one, I was thinking:
Ava/Aphrodite: Ashley Olsen
Walter/Zeus: Johnny Depp
Calliope/Hera: Lana Parilla
Diana/Demeter: Julie Andrews
Henry/Hades: (not sure, but) Liam Hemsworth. He might be a little too attractive. He would have to be kind, but nervous and compassionate, and I'm not sure he would be good enough.
Sofia/Hestia: Meryl Streep
Dylan/Ares: Zac Efron
Phillip/ Poseidon: Patrick Dempsey
James/Hermes: Logan Lerman
Irene/Athena: Jayma Mays
Theo/Apollo: Chris Hemsworth, or would it be weird to have to siblings in a movie?
Ella/ Artemis: Sarah Hyland
Nicholas/Hephaestus: Darren Criss (come on! I had to!
Xander/Dionysus: Tom Felton

 Kate: Jennifer Lawrence or Jenna Dewan-Tatum!
(I couldn't chose just one!)

I really do enjoy this book, but there is a scene at the end where everyone is in the same scene. I am worried that there would be just TOO MUCH attractiveness in one room. Anyway, see ya!

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