06 April 2013

What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Nail Biting

I watched this movie last night. I was left with confusing thoughts, but one thing was for sure. Leonardo DiCaprio is phenomenal. It is impeccable how he can just transform into these characters with the blink of an eye. Especially the fact that he also perfected the hand gestures of mentally-ill people. I know this because my neighbor is mentally-ill and sometimes over the summer is go over there and play with him and his younger brother. His name is Connor and he is truly the sweetest little boy you could ever meet! The other main actor who played Gilbert Grape was Johnny Depp. He was a little confusing, and although I love his acting, I don't think this role was for him.

On a different note, my nail biting is becoming a serious problem. I really want to grow long nails, but it is just so hard to stop a habit, especially a habit such as this. My nail are horrendously short! I really need to find a way to stop it because it is probably becoming unhealthy. I pretty much have, like, no nails. This needs to stop!

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